Here are some shocking facts about how many people have a podcast…

James Burtt
5 min readJul 11, 2022


Ok, I’ll admit it, I have click-baited you with the title here, but bear with me, as I have done it for a good reason.

I want to turn the №1 reason that people don’t do a podcast into a no-brainer about why you should start your own show.

Here is one of the most common things that I hear all the time, as a podcast agency owner; “I want to start my own show, but everyone’s doing a podcast”

Now, depending on how polite I am feeling, I will respond to this statement in one of a few ways, but what I actually want to do is shout “NO THEY ARE NOT!”

Jokes aside, I do get it. The popular narrative is that every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sally now has their own show, but the honest truth is, that’s just not factually correct.

Here are some of the very latest stats from Podcast Index that you may find interesting.

Courtesy of Podcast Index

There are just over 4,000,000 podcasts that are registered online — which I understand is a lot of shows and a lot of content to compete with if you are trying to get attention from your brand, your business, your community etc. — but, let’s dive a little deeper here. Check out this highlighted section below; of those 4 million shows that are registered, only 330K have been active in uploading a show in the last 30 days.

Courtesy of Podcast Index

Let’s break down the maths here to put that in simple terms; of the globally registered podcasts, only 8% of them have actually published an episode in the last month.

Courtesy of Statista

As you might have guessed from all the percentages above, I am a bit of a numbers geek (yes, I used to LOVE watching the numbers game on Countdown… who else is with me!?) but the reason I smash you over the head with these facts and figures is because I’m super-passionate about helping people launch podcasts that get them attention, awareness and traction.

I have been in and around broadcast, media and content since 2006 and I genuinely believe that podcasting is the №1 medium for being perceived as the expert in your field, becoming the thought-leader in your sector and the top way to become the go-to person in your space.

I know because I have done it myself. So I don’t spout this stuff as a theory of what might happen.

I launched a podcast that exploded my brand; put me on stages with the likes of Les Brown, saw me speak around the world, and enabled me to interview the likes of Grant Cardone. To name just a few highlights.

And it made me a lot of money.

Sorry to offend any of those that don’t like talking about money, but I think it is very important for business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to know that the marketing activity of something like a podcast (and yes, it should most definitely be considered marketing) adds to the bottom line of the business.

Done right, there is potentially a big ROI on your podcast investment, for sure.

For me personally, a podcast was the catalyst to the launch of a very profitable coaching business (good for the bank account but bad for my soul!) and the ONLY form of consistent media that we pushed weekly — without fail.

That podcast hit the Apple Podcast charts in June of 2017 and pretty much stayed in the Top 20 Business shows for the best part of a year.

That podcast bought inbound leads, opportunities and branding partnerships that would have taken years to cultivate. But that show opened those doors from Day 1…. and I really mean the first day, I actually got a call about a speaking gig in South Africa the day we launched the podcast.

Anyway, I think you get the point.

When is the best time to launch a show… yesterday. When is the next best time? TODAY.

Some final figures to push you over the edge:

TikTok has over a billion users

There are over 70 million Facebook fan pages

Half a billion professionals congregate on LinkedIn

…but, if you have your own branded audio content (aka a podcast), you are one of only 300K creators who are taking a chunk of hundred of millions of downloads.

Of course, there is a strategy to actually launch a successful show; there are ways to make sure the show has a meaningful impact for you and yes, you might need some advice and assistance to maximise how to make stand-out content that generates attention, awareness and — ultimately sales — for your brand and business.

If you’re serious about making a podcast that explodes your brand, like my show elevated mine, then feel free to reach out to me. I love talking about all things audio and my agency has launched 158 successful podcasts for global clients as of last week, so we know our stuff. So let’s chat, in fact, here’s a link so you can reach out and book a slot in my personal diary directly.

Just remember, when we do jump on a call, don’t say “is everyone making podcasts now?”, or you know the response you’ll get!



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